Minutes: 5th September 2011

Download: 5thSept2011 There was a meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council on Monday 5th September 2011 at 7.30 in Arncroach Church Hall. Present...

Download: 5thSept2011

There was a meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council on Monday 5th
September 2011 at 7.30 in Arncroach Church Hall.
Present were Mr MacIntyre, Mrs Lodge, Mrs Laing, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Wright and Ms Holt.
Cllrs Riches and Scott-Hayward were in attendance
Apologies from Helen Blyde and Cllr MacGregor.
There were ca. 35 members of the public present.
1) Filling of casual vacancy on Community Council.
i) Mrs Wilson ‘s status was changed to “casual vacancy” from “co-opted”.
ii) Mr Snowball was elected on to CC to fill casual vacancy by 4 votes out of 6 members
present. Proposed by Mr MacIntyre, seconded by Mrs Laing.
iii) Mrs Louisa Cocris was co-opted on to the CC.
2) As Matter Arising Mr Grahame Rodgers gave an update on progress of CDT and then
answered questions.
Company registration certificate expected shortly.
Slightly modified constitution from DTAS template.
Delay due to registration as a charity.
No economic activity as yet. No bank account until registered company.
CDT can apply for bank loans.
Any projects must be of community benefit.
CDT has expressed interest in renewable energy projects locally.
CDT working on a website for community use.
3) Mr Steve Salt and Mr Mark Cummings from West Coast Energy gave a presentation and
answered questions about plans to install 5 wind turbines at Lingo which is in Carnbee and
Dunino CC territory.
Mr Salt gave legal and technical background of project to meet aspirations of Sc. Govt. and
Fife Council to combat climate change.
12.5 megawatt in all.
100m to tip of blade.
Electricity for 7000 houses.
There will be economic benefits for Fife in jobs and investment.
Work is still ongoing to cover all planning aspects required by Fife Council.
There is a de-commissioning bond with Fife Council.
Fife Council encourages community benefit. West Coast Energy proposes Community
Liaison Forum to negotiate legally binding community benefits.
Scottish Power would be responsible for grid connection which would be towards Cupar.
Concerns were expressed about visual aspect of scheme, possible future expansion and
efficiency of wind as energy source.
Thanks to Mr Salt and Mr Cummings.
A vote was taken on whether CC should take part in Forum with Cameron CC and Dunino
5 out of 7 members voted to take part.
West Coast Energy have agreed to fund a leafletting process to find out community attitudes
if Forum desires this.
4) Minutes and Matters arising.
i) no date yet for 20 mph limit in Arncroach.
ii) grit bins will be filled before winter.
iii) Colinsburgh school will have to lose a teacher as there are only 47 pupils this term.
5) Gillingshill.
i) question of location of telegraph wire? Local knowledge sites it on east side of road.
ii) vandalism? Extra police presence.
Ms Holt reported the bin outside her home had been burnt.
Mrs Wright requested that shrubs at entrance be cut again to improve visibility.
Mrs Laing requested permission to plant a celebratory tree. Agreed! Ms Ridge advised a
native species.
6) Cemetery.
Mr MacIntyre summarised outcome of meeting of all parties in summer.
3 options – i) burials elsewhere ii) extension at Carnbee church iii) another local site?
No alternative site found.
Rev. Margaret Rose said that legally the church was not able to sell the glebe.
The cemetery was a municipal matter and should be decided between Fife Council and
Unanimous vote for Fife Council to acquire necessary land under Burial Act.
7) Local Design Guide.
Something done for Carnbee.
Andy Johnston willing to work on something for Arncroach. Contact Andy.
8) Councillor’s Report.
i) white stones at Grangemuir corner. Must be removed by 28. Sept. otherwise Council will
remove and charge.
ii) work on drainage at Newton corner due to start 6th Sept.
iii) new planning applic. for Belliston anemometer.
9) Treasurer’s Report.
Tree Fund – £47.00
Flower Fund – £699.07
Gillingshill Fund – £862.00
General Account – £585.49
Thanks to Mrs Laing for her work.
Could CC give a donation to Guild to help with its 80th
anniversary celebration?
It was agreed to give £100.
10) Planning.
i) re-application at Belliston Quarry
ii) 2 new houses in Castle Street. Mr Taylor concerned about traffic exiting from Castle
iii) Wester Kellie Cottage to be demolished and re-built.
iv) alterations at Balcaskie House.
v) South Baldutho – 2 x 47.5 wind turbines
Mr MacIntyre explained how to view planning applications on-line.
If necessary extra meetings can be called. This has happened in past.
Uncertainty whether CC s are statutory consultees in planning process.
i) is Fife Council responsible for keeping pathway at church neat and weedfree? Volunteers
cleared it this summer.
ii) ML announced Biggest Coffee Morning in world in Church Hall 30. September for
MacMillan Cancer.
iii) Mr Hendry wanted it minuted that he thought the CC was not responsive to needs of the
iv) Ms Holt concerned about tipping at Belliston Quarry. It is licensed site and there are 2
locked gates.
v) Ms Holt asked for people to leave e-mail addresses if they wished prior notice of CC
Next meeting – 5th December 2011. Thanks to all.