Minutes: 31st October 2011

Download: 31stoctober2011 There was a special meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council on Monday 31st October 2011 at 7.30 in Arncroach Church Hall....

Download: 31stoctober2011

There was a special meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council on
Monday 31st October 2011 at 7.30 in Arncroach Church Hall.
Present were Mr MacIntyre (Chair), Mr Snowball, Mrs Laing, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Wright, Ms
Holt, Mrs Cocris, Mrs Lodge.
Apologies from Ms Blyde.
There were 41 members of the public.
Mr MacIntyre explained the format of the evening. There are Planning applications for 3
wind turbines – 2 at South Baldutho (Mr Peebles) and 1 at Knightsward (Mr Farmer). After
discussion a vote to be taken to discover local opinion. CC will also vote. These figures to be
passed on to Fife Council with comments as CC is a Statutory Consultee. After discussion of
planning issues there will be a separate discussion about community benefit.
Mr MacIntyre had produced a graphic to illustrate facts and dimensions of the various
A) Mr Roy Amner from TGC Renewables in Glasgow spoke about the South Baldutho
i) Smaller turbine is for farm use . Immediately behind sheds to west. Excavation and
concreting would take approx. 10 days. Spoil would be re-used on farm. 4 weeks for concrete
to set. Turbine (Canadian) would arrive in 2 containers and take 2 days to erect. Cable to
existing cable head on farm. Transformer already there.
Height 37m. + 9.6m. (blade)
ii) Application 2. Situated in old Craigend quarry to north of steading. Access via old road
from north. American turbine regarded as quietest of its class. Conforms to technical
requirements concerning noise and shadow flicker. Ability to control speed of blades limits
noise and shadow flicker.
Height – 37m. +10.5m. (blade)
Will be visible on skyline looking up from coast.
Question as to whether top of turbine would be higher than Kellie Law.
Photomontages are on website.
Question about shadow flicker.
Turbine shuts down in high winds.
Bird survey of landing birds between October and December being done.
Contacts with SNH.
Background noise survey being done.
Grid connection? Transformer on pole.
B) Knightsward.
Mr MacIntyre read out letter from Mr Farmer who apologised for not being able to attend
meeting. To aid new developments on farm. Possible community benefit.
Lack of clarity on Planning application as to exact whereabouts of turbine location. Question
as to whether middle of field is best place to site turbine.
C) Separate issue of community benefit from this scheme?
Planning Committee does not take it into consideration.
Fife Council advice – communities can ask and developers can refuse. Issue to be negotiated
between community representatives and developers.
Mr Amner – no community benefit from turbine i) at S. Baldutho which is for farm use.
Turbine ii) owned by Constantine Group plc to offset energy costs of various operations incl.
Elddis Caravan factory at Consett. Would offer £750 per annum for 10 years for specific
community projects.
Reckoned turbine ii) would generate £75 000 p.a .in income before costs.
It was noted that any benefit should be a legally binding obligation.
Doubt as to whether this does not influence planning process.
Vote 1) Do we add a comment to our response concerning community benefit as we are
entitled to do?
For – 20
Against – 16
Abstention – 5
It was clarified in discussion that this vote was specific to these applications.
Vote 2) concerning application for Knightsward –
No objection – 24
Objection – 23
This includes proxy votes of neighbours. Some debate over whether 2 of the proxy votes be
counted or not. They were counted.
Mr MacIntyre assured Ms Holt that he would explain to Fife Council that this could not be a
perfect vote when not everyone in community was contacted individually.
Community Council vote on Knightsward application –
No objection – 3
Objection – 3
Abstention – 1
Vote 3) concerning northernmost turbine at South Baldutho –
No objection – 26
Objection – 23
This includes proxy votes.
Community Council vote on northernmost turbine proposal –
No objection – 1
Objection – 3
Abstentions – 3
Vote 4) concerning Mr Peebles’ turbine –
No objection – 29
Objection – 17
This includes proxy votes.
Community Council vote on Mr Peebles’ turbine –
In favour – 2
Against – 2
Abstentions – 3
Mr MacIntyre thought that proposals with more than 5 objections are decided by the
Planning Committee.
Mr Amner will offer a draft community benefit agreement which can be discussed.
Mr Crozier commented that the Community Development Trust is now in place and is the
sort of community body needed to manage these assets.
Mr MacIntyre assured Mr Hendry that the CC will do its best to keep the community
Thanks to all for attending.