Minutes: 3rd Dec 2012

There was a meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council at 7.30 pm on Dec. 3rd 2012 in Arncroach Church Hall. Present were Mr...

There was a meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council at 7.30 pm on Dec. 3rd 2012 in Arncroach Church Hall. Present were Mr MacIntyre, Mrs Lodge, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Wright, Mr Snowball and Councillor Riches. There were 7 members of the public. 1) Apologies from Councillors Docherty and MacGregor and from Ms Holt. 2) Minutes of the meeting on September 3rd were read out. There were no matters arising and they were agreed to be a true record. 3) Defibrillator update. There is now a defibrillator in both Arncroach and Carnbee. Thanks to all concerned in the campaign. Gillian Duncan gave a well-attended training session at the Bowling Club. There will be another training session in January. 4) Drains and flooding. Flooding has caused damage to road edges esp. on road from Gillingshill into Arncroach. Floodwater emerges from field behind Gillingshill Lodge and pours down hill uninterrupted and not caught by drains. Gullies choked. Bad flooding on Anstruther road at Bonerbo. Flooding between Belliston and Balmakin. ER will arrange inspection with locals. 5) Roads. i) Ms Ridge concerned that improved signage at Newton junction is slow to appear. ii) concern that roadworks on Carnbee-Lochty and Carnbee-Arncroach road have not happened. iii) concern about excessive speeds on Anstruther road. ER will ask for a speed check. iv) plans for 20mph in Arncroach handed round. Will happen before end of financial year. 6) Gillingshill. SW – path near first wooden bridge starting to collapse into burn. Mr Rogers (cdt) has organised Community Payback scheme to plant hedging (free from Balcaskie Estate) at roadside. Will see if they can rectify path problem also. Thanks to David Roger for clearing fallen timber. 7) cdt update. At AGM in September Anthony Davies resigned; Ms Wright joined committee; Mr Snowball is in charge of grants; Mr MacIntyre became Treasurer. Successful ceilidh on Nov.30th . 8) Councillor’s Report. i) Fife Council’s Draft Budget has been published. A period of huge budget cuts. Go to www.FifeDirect.org.uk/budget to have your say. ii) Sc. Govt. has distributed a certain amount of money to Councils to encourage the use of electric vehicles. Fife Council is setting up recharging points every 10 miles. There will be one in Anstruther. 9) Treasurer’s Report Income Annual Grant – £487.68 Floral Grant – £420.00 Gillingshill – £862.00 Defib. Grant – £500 Defib. Donation from Bowling Club -£375.00 Expenditure Defib. purchase- £875.00 Hall hire – £27.00 Data protection fee – £35.00 In bank – £1 707.68 Councillor Riches mentioned Locality Grant funding for tidying up paths and parking areas. CW asked if it could be used for dropping kerb levels where people parked off-road as in Blinkbonny Rd. 10) Planning. i) special CC meeting on Dec 10th to discuss and vote on proposal for 2 wind turbines at Belliston Quarry. Already well publicised. ii) discussion about inconsistencies on Fife planning website regarding comments and documents and difficulties in locating them. Are comments from children valid? Are duplicated comments counted? (ER will ask) iii) Mr MacIntyre has been sent info about offshore developments. iv) decision on centralisation of Planning Committees in 10 days time. v) Mr MacIntyre went to Tayplan event in Dundee and has info. Tayplan will take over from Fife Structure Plan. 11) in telephone conversation with Chair Mrs Cocris (co-opted member) said she had not enough time to come to CC and would resign. No written confirmation yet. Situation unclear. Mrs Cocris to be contacted. Unclear also the specific skill for which Mrs Cocris had been co-opted. It was pointed out that Community Councillors have a duty to attend meetings in order to represent the people of the area. 12) discussion about Ms Holt’s e-mail to Mr MacIntyre regarding Mrs Cocris’ resignation. This had been sent by Ms Holt to a wide address list. Fife Council now treating this as a complaint against Ms Holt by the Carnbee & Arncroach Community Council. E-mail from Andrew Burnley about CC “contravention of free speech”. When invited to attend CC meeting to explain details he was unable to come. Mr Rogers quoted Section 9.8 of Scheme concerning ‘interest’ in matters being discussed. Ms Holt often named in Press as spokesperson for various anti-wind-turbine groups and therefore should refrain from all discussions and voting on such matters in CC votes. The Community Council agreed to pass on these concerns to Fife Council. Ms Wright tendered her resignation from the Community Council saying she was dissatisfied with the methods of publicising and voting on wind-turbine issues. AOB – Dates for 2013 :- 4th March 3rd June 2nd September 2nd December

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