Minutes: 3rd June 2012

There was a meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council on Monday 3rd June at 7.30pm in Arncroach Church Hall. Present were Mr Ian...

There was a meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council on Monday 3rd June at 7.30pm in Arncroach Church Hall. Present were Mr Ian MacIntyre (Chair), Mr Adrian Snowball (Treasurer), Mrs Sheila Wilson, Ms Linda Holt, Mrs Janet Lodge (Secretary). Councillors Riches and Docherty were also in attendance. There were 12 members of the public present. 1) There were no apologies. 2) Mr Paul Doherty from Fife Council Environmental Services spoke about the proposed Rural Recycling scheme. Because of the distance to be covered and the types of property in question it was a complicated service to organise. i) new green bin for all plastic and all cans / every 4 weeks ii) paper will go in grey bin iii) all landfill in blue bin Brochures with times have been sent out to 5500 properties. Service will commence during the week of 24. June. Helpline telephone number – 08451 55 00 22. 20% of properties will have their bins collected from road-end due to problems with road surface, potholes, road width, turning circles. There is an appeal process for re-assessment. The scheme will be reviewed. There were comments concerning visual impact of bins at road ends, road safety, whole body vibration. There were concerns concerning bins on windy days. People can opt out of the service and take re-cycling straight to re-cycling centre in Pittenweem. Many thanks to Mr Doherty. 3)Minutes of meeting on March 4th 2013. i) large dog and family have left village. 4) Gillingshill. Police had been informed of malicious removal of safety notices warning of danger of collapsed path. Roadside hedge planted by Community Payback workers. To be finished next winter. Councillor Riches reported that following the Inspector’s Report on the state of the reserve Fife Council had organised the cutting back of vegetation on the dam and there was work to be done on the by-pass channel. Title deeds are still being checked. It was pointed out that Sharon Ward from Fife Council had informed the cdt that the deeds had already shown that there was no ambiguity about ownership. 5) cdt update. i) 15. June Fun Day and Big Lunch at Kellie Castle. See posters. ii) Open-air theatre on July 30th at Kellie Castle. iii) Grant of £3800 to carry out survey concerning insulation and local heating. iv) £5000 one-off payment from developer of South Baldutho wind turbine. v) EGM on Friday 7th June to discuss development at North Baldutho. Mr Anstruther has offered a site for one turbine to the community to develop. vi) when challenged about the secrecy of cdt actions it was stated that the cdt reports at each CC meeting and that all meetings of the Committee are on the website. There had also been an article in the East Fife Mail. There is an AGM where all directors are up for election. 6) Councillor’s Report. i) Councillor Riches handed out posters urging people to take part in the survey concerning Broadband as this is an important issue in rural areas. ii) the police are checking speed in Arncroach since the introduction of 20 mph speed limit. Not caught anyone. Would cars parked on road slow down the traffic? Not legal to park on pavement. iii) public toilet controversy on hold. iv) damaged roadsigns are replaced by Transportation but sometimes there are other priorities. v) there has been no application for an electricity sub-station on the top road. vi) Fife Council will shortly approach Mr Anstruther again concerning the extension to the graveyard. vii) There will be more Traffic Wardens as parking has now been decriminalised and is a Fife Council issue. Councillor Docherty said the toilet issue was of concern to the Tourist Association and there was an on-line petition. 7) Treasurer’s Report. General Fund – £1 383.54 Floral Fund – £383.00 Gillingshill – £862.00 Outstanding payents – £37.00 Bank Balance 3/6/2013 – £ 2 665.54 8) Planning. Change of use at Comielaw Farm to small business units. 9) Flower tubs will be filled as usual by Pathhead. Agreement that boxes for fence at Green should be filled by Pathhead also. AOB i) Mr Rogers withdrew his complaint against Ms Holt. ii) it was felt that the Old School House was becoming untidy and unsightly. Could a letter be written? Thanks to all. The next meeting is on 2nd September.

PDF: CC minute 3 june 2013