Minutes: 2nd September 2012

There was a meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council at 7.30 pm on September 2nd 2013 in Arncroach Church Hall. Present were Mr...

There was a meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council at 7.30 pm on
September 2nd 2013 in Arncroach Church Hall.
Present were Mr Ian MacIntyre (Chair), Mrs Sheila Wilson, Mr Adrian Snowball
(Treasurer), Mrs Janet Lodge (Secretary) and Councillor Riches.
There were 15 members of the public.
1) There were apologies from Councillor MacGregor, Councillor Docherty, Ms Linda Holt
and Mr Andrew Stevenson.
2) Emergency Planning.
There was a presentation by Ms Lori Hutcheson Fife Council Emergency Planning Officer.
With Scottish Government encouragement Local Authorities are now working with
Community Councils to formulate a local Emergency Plan. In times of emergency eg snow,
flooding, power failures, accidents, it would be helpful if there were a document available
showing key contacts and resources and problem areas. Ms Hutcheson suggests setting up a
co-ordinating team to do a risk assessment in the area.
She left a template document and is happy to return and talk it through.
There were questions concerning roads and winter gritting.
3) Minutes of meeting on June 3rd 2013 and matters arising.
i) the 4 dogs now at Old School are very noisy. They are fenced in and do not wander but
excessive noise esp. at night is a problem. The Dog Warden is aware of the situation and has
visited. It was felt the dogs were upset by the change of house and had previously not been
People can telephone Police (tel. no. 101) and Night-time Noise Team can assess situation.
It was hoped that the dogs will settle down but if not there could be a prosecution.
ii) recycling problems at Balmonth where there are no green bins. The state of the road and
problem of Whole Body Vibration is the reason given. Cllr Riches is investigating.
4) Roads.
i) poor visibility at bridge by Cheese Farm.
ii) vegetation needs to be cut back at many junctions.
iii) dangerous condition of Belliston – Balmakin road.
iv) cars do park on pavement and this is not legal.
v) traffic speeds in village will be checked by police radar.
5) Gillingshill.
Fife Council had completed work to strengthen river bank.
CC will ask Provans to estimate for general upkeep tasks.
Cdt will enter into discussions with Fife Council re sale of Reserve.
6) cdt update.
i) Photographic project ongoing. If anyone has interesting old photos please contact Janet
Lodge or Adrian Snowball.
ii) successful Family Fun Day at Kellie in June.
iii) 160 people came to Open Air Theatre at Kellie.
iv) EGM decided not to recommend participation in wind turbine scheme at North Baldutho
as the technology is not proven. It would be difficult to get finance.
v) AGM on 10th September in Arncroach Hall. Agenda will be circulated.
7) Councillor’s Report.
Much of Councillor Riches’ report had already been covered.
i) Fife Council telephone numbers will now start with 03 – not with 08.
ii) Fife Council talking with Balcaskie about cemetery extension.
iii) chevron road signs at Balmonth junction are a safety issue and Cllr Riches hopes they will
be replaced by end October.
iv) a new go-flexi poster was handed out. It was asked if system could be extended to St
v) discussions in progress between Fife Council and Sc. Govt. re funding for a new Waid
Academy building.
Treasurer’s Report.
General Fund – £1383.54
Flower Fund – £384.60
Gillingshill – £739.60
Total – £2,507.74
9) Planning.
i) various projects at Balcaskie.
ii) Scotshall not through yet.
iii) the 3 farmers are reviewing the situation in light of £2 million charge demanded by
Scottish Power to connect to the grid.
10) AOB
i) there was concern about possible fracking activity.
Cllr Riches handed out map showing sites of govt. licences granted.
Mrs Lodge handed out letter from Friends of Earth concerning fracking.
ii) fencing at village green is broken in places.
Bus shelter is in bad condition.
Perspex at noticeboard in shelter is broken. Mr MacIntyre and Mr Snowball will repair it.
No Dogs sign very faded.
Thanks to all.
Next meeting – Dec 2nd 2013

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