Minutes: 10th Feb 2014

There was a special meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council at 7.30 in Arncroach Church Hall on Mon. 10th Feb. 2014 to discuss...

There was a special meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council at 7.30 in Arncroach Church Hall on Mon. 10th Feb. 2014 to discuss and vote on the planning application 13/03869/FULL for a wind turbine at Bonerbo farm. There were 19 members of the public. Mr Andrew Stevenson of Bonerbo gave a presentation. The proposed wind turbine is to the south of the 3 turbines which have already gained planning permission. Bonerbo will foot the costs of this turbine. There will be cost savings for the Three Farms scheme in that infrastructure roads and the grid connection will be shared. All power generated will be exported. It is hoped that in the future generated electricity will be converted into hydrogen to be used by farm vehicles. Farming is an energy hungry process. This plan will reduce the carbon footprint of the farm. The public viewed the photo montages of the scheme. Ms Holt was reminded by Mr MacIntyre of the letter to her dated 1st March 2013 in which Linda Bissett (Senior Manager – Democratic Services) stressed the importance of upholding the rules of the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils in Fife. Section 9.8 states that a Community Councillor ‘with a financial or non-financial interest shall withdraw from the meeting and shall not speak or vote on any question relating to the matter’. Ms Holt claimed not to know about this letter. The matter was discussed at the CC meeting of 4th March 2013 which Ms Holt did not attend. There were questions from the public. i) Size? Same as the 3 permitted. 45m. to hub + 22m. of blade. 0.9 megawatt output. ii) Implications for airfield? Site specific report on turbulence done. The study finds that trees next to airstrip cause greater turbulence than the turbines. This extra one is further away. iii) The turbine is 660m. away from nearest building which is Bonerbo farmhouse. iv) An extra turbine has an insignificant effect on ecology and visual impact. v) Noise registered by receptors at Carnbee and Bonerbo is acceptable. vi) The turbine is of German manufacture. vii) Medical problems with children? Unknown. ix) Misleading visualisations? They were done by a leading firm in the field. x) Compared with the 50m. turbine at South Baldutho this one will create 9 times more electricity. xi) Although the costs will rise the unit costs will come down. xii) Fife Council has identified areas where there is capacity for turbines and where there is not (eg around settlements). An extra turbine at Bonerbo would be within the limit. When asked about Community Benefit Mr Stevenson said the benefit would be the same as the benefit offered by the Three Farms scheme ie £3 500 p.a. per megawatt. Ms Holt said Sc. Govt. was recommending £5 000. Mr MacIntyre commented that the farmers are part of the host community (not like at Lingo). A vote was held :- Object – 8 Do not object – 14 Abstention – 1 The result of the vote will be passed on to Fife Council. Thanks to Mr MacIntyre for organising the meeting at such late notice.

PDF: Minutes of special meeting 10 02 2014