Minutes: 6th June 2016

There was a meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council on Monday 6th June 2016 at 7.30 pm in Arncroach Church Hall. Present were...

There was a meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council on Monday 6th June 2016 at 7.30 pm in Arncroach Church Hall. Present were Ian MacIntyre (Chair), Adrian Snowball (Treasurer), Janet Lodge (Secretary), Natalie Ridge, Robert Watson, Cllrs Riches and Docherty and 7 members of the public. 1) Apologies from Helen Blyde and Cllr MacGregor. 2) Speakers. Discussion about Gillingshill with Stephen Liscoe from Fife Council. Fife Council wants to dispose of it. After the Reservoirs Act there are statutory burdens which make the dam costly. Fife Council is responsible for all work there at the moment. The possibility of reducing the water level and the height of the dam was discussed to bring it outwith the act. Huge work. Costly. The water would be useful for irrigation and in case of fire. Bypass channel is a crucial factor in what happens there. It will be assessed shortly for its hydro-dynamic capabilities. If not adequate it will have to be replaced. The dam is due a full inspection in 2018. Mowing grass on dam is a statutory responsibility. Mowing (incl. paths) costs about £1000 per year. AS will investigate community Right to Buy. SL will pass on the community concerns to Fife Council. In the meantime is it worth the CC financing any works there? Meeting with Stephen Friday 10th June at 10 am of anyone interested to see what CC could do. Thanks to Stephen for coming. Sergeant Pat Turner from Police Scotland spoke about local policing. He is based in St Andrews and is contactable via 101. There is a 24/7 response. Do contact him about any concern. E-mail Patrick.Turner@ scotlandpnn.police.uk He is satisfied with police numbers. Although crime is low here he advised to be aware and be secure. Many thanks to Pat. 3) Minutes of meeting on March 7th were accepted. 4) Discussion about CDT. Concern that there are no meetings and no date for AGM postponed from last year. Financial arrangements of 3 farmers are settled. They are ready for negotiation on community benefit. Need for a well-attended AGM. The meeting agreed a formal letter should be sent to the CDT expressing general concern among the community about the functioning of the CDT. 5) Roads. Q28 at Belliston still bad. Drainage problem is now on list of work to be done. Subsidence between Dean Bridge and Belliston Farm. Despite repairs on Gillingshill road there are still bad patches. Pothole at junction of Blinkbonny Rd and Main Rd. 6) Councillors’ Reports. i) ER warned of future changes and costs concerning waste disposal. By 2020 it is foreseen there will be no Landfill. ii) ER has taken up Mr Hendry’s concern about heavy dustbin lorries turning at weak point in road at the Old School junction in Carnbee. Drivers have been alerted to the problem. iii) Kingsmuir building has been checked and seems to be primarily an agricultural building. iv) Fife Council now using galvanised metal for road signs. Many to be replaced. v) Coinef. A slow and frustrating process to bring superfast broadband to the East Neuk and Howe of Fife. JD reported that there would be a presentation at the East Neuk Communities Forum (Cameron Hall 6.30 on 16th June) on Health and Social Care. 7) Treasurer’s Report attached. 8) Planning. Outline permission sought for 3 houses at Knightsward. 9) AOB i) concern at mowing of wild grass at Higham Toll. Loss of habitat. ii) traffic lights for no reason at all eg at Dunino. No work being done but lights still there. iii) grass at Kinneuchar-Colinsburgh Staight junction needs to be cut. iv) enquiry about Madras College developments. Fife Council is to look again at all the possible sites. v) to conform with the Data Protection Act the CC is sending out message for people to consent or not consent for their e-mail addresses to be on a community list. vi) defibrillator training morning was excellent. Congratulations to Gillian and her team. £165 given to First Responders. Thanks to Committee for free use of Hall. Next meeting – 5th September. Thanks to all.

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