Minutes: 8th March 2018

There was a meeting of the Carnbee & Arncroach Community Council on Thursday 8th March 2018 at 7.30 in Arncroach Church Hall. Present were Ian...

There was a meeting of the Carnbee & Arncroach Community Council on Thursday 8th March 2018 at 7.30 in Arncroach Church Hall. Present were Ian MacIntyre (Chair), Janet Lodge (Secretary), Natalie Ridge, Robert Watson, Cllrs Docherty and Holt and 9 members of the public. 1) Apologies from Carol Brunton. 2) Minutes of meeting on 4th December 2017. A campervan stayed at Gillingshill for 3 nights. ‘No overnight Parking’ sign urgently required before summer. Rubbish and litter being left. Carnbee Well has been expertly repaired by Mr Laing. Many thanks to him. Treasurer’s Report. Balance given was incorrect. Actual balance is £682.86. Minutes were signed off. 3) Gillingshill. Work still to be done on wet part of path. A local resident has offered to pay for chippings. 4) cdt report. Moira Mukherjee (Secretary) and Jenny Brunton (Social Secretary) gave latest report. Discussion of CC letter to 3 Farmers concerning Community Benefit. Mr Watson explained the appeal that the farmers are making against recent Council Tax valuation. Would payment of Community Benefit influence the outcome? CDT will investigate. DTAS may be able to advise. Cllr Docherty advised them to look at Community Empowerment Act. Crail turbine is to a large extent a Community turbine. 5) Roads. Recent snow and floods caused serious damage. Road signage programme delayed until new financial year.(April) Road resurfacing completed at Lingo and Balhouffie. Balhouffie took much longer than planned. Detrimental impact on business at cheese farm at Falside. Bad planning to undertake major projects in the middle of winter. Roadside verges inadequate on repaired sections of road. No date for repairs at Ovenstone junction. Road at Belliston in very bad condition. Potholes everywhere – e-mail ian.balfour @fife.gov.uk or go to Fifedirect or ‘Fix-my-street’ app. on phone. Snow clearing caused major problems – thanks to farmers for their snow clearing work. Temporary traffic-lights at Leven causing huge tailbacks. Timing wrong. 6) Councillors’ Reports. i) Cllr Docherty – brown bins not collected during snow. Normal timetable will resume now. Change of CC evening appreciated . ii) Cllr Holt – Fife Council has allotted £150 000 for unadopted roads. Can repairs be done to Main Road loop in Arncroach? Residents with mobility problems cannot cope with present state of road. Head of Waid Academy keen to encourage young people to get involved in their communities. 7) Treasurer’s Report. Balance – 8th December 2017 -£1092.86 Money out £390-00 (Pathhead) £20 – Hall fee Balance 8.03.2018 £682.86 8) Planning. House at Ovenstonmuir. 9) AOB i) Helen Blyde not able to come to CC meetings on Thursdays. Many thanks to Helen for her past CC invovement. ii) People liked the new doors in Church Hall. Thanks to Morris Rae for organising that. iii) too much disgusting litter lying around the countryside. Esp. verges of A82. What is Fife Council policy? This is supposed to be a high-class tourist destination. Next meeting – Thursday June 14th 2018

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