Our Projects

Welcome to the ‘Our Projects’ page! Here, you’ll find a range of initiatives that the Community Council is actively involved in. Each project aims to enrich our community in different ways. Take a look and see how you can get involved!
Louise Lorimers Green 2
Louise Lorimers Green 2
Louise Lorimers Green 3

Wild Flowers on Louise Lorimer’s Green

We’ve spruced up Lorimer’s Green by planting wildflowers, aiming to not only beautify the park but also boost local biodiversity. It’s a small step with big impact, enhancing the space for everyone to enjoy.

Collaborative Efforts for Gillingshill Reservoir Preservation

We are in active collaboration with the Gillingshill Friends Group to ensure the reservoir remains a community asset. Our primary role involves liaising with Fife Council and local councillors to stay updated on any developments and to advocate for continued community access and benefit. Meanwhile, Gillingshill Friends Group excels in wildlife monitoring and space maintenance, working alongside Fife Coast & Countryside Trust, Fife Council, and Arncroach & Carnbee CDT. Together, we strive to keep this cherished space open and thriving for all.