Minutes: 3rd September 2012

There was a meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council at 7.30 on Monday 3 rd September 2012 in Arncroach Church Hall. There were...

There was a meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council at 7.30 on Monday 3 rd September 2012 in Arncroach Church Hall. There were 20 members of the public. Present were Councillor Riches, Mr MacIntyre, Mrs Lodge, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Wright, Mr Snowball. Apologies from Ms Holt and Councillor MacGregor. 1) Minutes of meeting on June 11th 2012. No matters arising. 2) Gillingshill. i) report of management group visit on July 26th.Thanks to David Roger for cutting back vegetation at entrance and strimming whins on flower meadow. DR will deal with loose tree. ER will ask Dog Warden to put sign on board. Vegetation rampant on dam (ER). Chippings needed on paths but generally not too bad. Steps on E side of reservoir very steep and insecure. Drainage needs to be done on path at bye-wash. ii) clarification from Sharon Ward (Fife Council lawyer) regarding ownership of Gillingshill land. 3) Defibrillators. Will be installed this Wednesday. Gillian will organise a demonstration. Arncroach first village to have one. Thanks to Ian Wright from Monteray for his help. Photo opportunity for publicity. Site for defib. in Carnbee? Beside Noticeboard? Possibility of a solar-powered light? Power can be taken from Schoolhouse. 4) CDT update. Tom and Grahame away. Report read out. AGM 18th September. 5) Planning. Belliston exhibition. Application later in October. Special meeting and vote then. N. Baldutho – approval for 2 turbines. Will there be Community Benefit? Mr Anstruther had always planned one site should be for community use. Will discuss with CDT. Rinkmuir applic. for holiday let rejected. Discussion of 2 offshore windfarms. Will be Sc. Govt. decision. CC declined to be involved in pressure group. Website information readily available & willing to come and speak. 6) Councillor’s Report. (attached) i) 20 mph in Arncroach approved. Flashing light at N. end of village. ii) drainage not fixed yet. Gullies need to be cleaned of grass and mud. iii) cemetery extension. Church of Scotland will not sell glebe. Mr Anstruther will discuss with Councillor Riches. iv) bins. Workers will work double shift 6 am – 9 pm to make economies. Different timetables. Info through doors. v) applic. for 2 turbines at S. Baldutho rejected. vi) 3 farms – Sc. Govt. Reporter makes final decision. 7) Treasurer’s Report. General Fund – £426.00 Flower Fund- £420 AOB i) can ladies who did flower boxes have expenses? No problem. ii) Locality Fund could give grant for chippings for paths at Gillingshill. iii) can there be formal item on agenda for apologies? Next meeting – December 3rd. Thanks to all.

PDF: CCminutes3rdSept2012