Minutes: 21st January 2023

Carnbee & Arncroach Community Council Minutes of Meeting: 19th January – 19:30 (Arncroach Village Hall) Present: Gillian Duncan, Morven Peebles, Andrew Miller, James Glen Apologies:...

Carnbee & Arncroach Community Council

Minutes of Meeting: 19th January – 19:30 (Arncroach Village Hall)

Present: Gillian Duncan, Morven Peebles, Andrew Miller, James Glen

Apologies: Cllr Fiona Corp, Cllr Sean Dillon, Cllr Alicia Hayes

Updates from last Meeting:


Koi Carp

  • Fife Council attempting to capture Koi and looking to identify other species.
  • If anyone spots Koi Carp, please try and photograph and contact community council.


Blinkbonny Road – Car Recovery

  • Police have been contacted regarding unlicenced vehicles and update provided.
  • PC Wallace to be asked to attend the next meeting.


Village Green

  • Councillors have been approached to find out who can give permission for sowing wild flowers alongside the fence adjacent to the road and bottom wall.
  • Liaison with Friends of Gillingshill to carry out work.
  • A preference for a supply of Scottish seeds will be sought.


Matters Arising


  • No matters raised from attendees.


Public Input


  • Repeated flooding down the lane as you exit Arncroach has been raised with Cllr Sean Dillon. Scottish Water are currently testing and investigating.
  • Issue of potholes raised at Carvenom.


Friends of Gillinghill update

  • Fife Council is currently updating species list. The document is currently in draft.
  • Helga and other volunteers have managed to gather a list of individuals and groups with an active interest in support of the Gillingshill project. Other individuals and groups are welcome to join (contact Helga via Friends of Gillingshill).
  • A tree survey of the area is currently underway.
  • A wetland birds survey is currently underway.
  • AGM to be held in February.
  • GD highlighted that antislip plates are required on the steps at the lower part of the nature reserve, as they can be very slippery. Recommendation for mesh or other non-slip material. Issue to be raised with the Community Development Trust.


Treasurer’s Report


  • Bank account has been opened for the CC
  • FC has been approached for details of last account and transfer of any monies held in trust for the CC
  • FC grant has been awarded for the CC
  • CC to apply for the floral grant via Cllr Sean Dillon


Councillors Report


Sean Dillon

  • Roads programme to be rolled out in phases across local area.
  • FC continuing with their “East Neuk Warm Spaces” project to support those facing financial hardships. The aim is to provide warmth and food, Monday to Saturday, for individuals and families in the local area.
  • Bulk uplift charges to be removed.
  • SD has engaged with Waid Academy and FC Head of Education over incidents of violence at Waid.


Police Report


  • Arncroach: 3 calls to police & 1 crime detected
  • Carnbee: 1 call to police


Secretary Report


  • JG highlighted latest NHS report is available to view
  • GD notified of 4 planning applications
    • Falside Farm
    • Ovenstone
    • KM Duncan (GD confirmed conflict of interest)
    • Yard alongside Castle Street
    • No comments were made on planning applications other than to provide general advice to members of public on how to make comments (Objection/Support)




  • MP: To action a community Facebook page
  • JG: To raise issue of fox hunting with local councilors


Future Meetings


  • 20th April 2023
  • 20th July 2023
  • 19th October 2023

Download: CA-Minutes-23-01-23-DRAFT