Minutes: 4th December 2017

There was a meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council on Mon. 4th December 2017 at 7.30 in Arncroach Church Hall. Present were Ian...

There was a meeting of the Carnbee and Arncroach Community Council on Mon. 4th December 2017 at 7.30 in Arncroach Church Hall. Present were Ian MacIntyre (Chair), Janet Lodge (Secretary), Helen Blyde, Natalie Ridge, Cllrs Docherty and Holt. 1) Apologies from Robert Watson, Carole Brunton, Andrew Stevenson and Cllr. Porteous who left his mobile number in case anyone needed to contact him – 07753 982311. There were 8 members of the public. 2) Minutes of the meeting on September 4th 2017. i) Roads could be left until later on the agenda. ii) Campervans at Gillingshill carpark. Only one reported since September. A seasonal problem. Could a “No overnight parking” be placed there before next summer? iii) No problems concerning bin calendar. iv) Gradual restoration of gravestones at Carnbee. Concrete foundations have been poured. Badgers a problem in graveyard. v) Carnbee Well. A local craftsman has kindly agreed to repair the door of the well. vi) Scottish Power have removed the debris. Thanks to Cllr. Docherty for his help. vii) Could Cllrs check that the gritting of the Gillingshill road has a higher priority than up to now? The minutes were approved. 3) Gillingshill. Provans will put additional chippings on muddy part of path but are busy at the moment with wood cutting. 4) cdt AGM on Monday 11th December. 5) Roads. Cllr. Docherty will organise a site visit especially to the Newton with Colin Stirling and Kevin Smith. Denise Richmond being helpful with proposals for signage. Perhaps she could come to visit at the same time? Parking on the pavements is illegal. Spalefield junction – traffic island knocked down yet again. Flooding a serious problem between Belliston and Balmakin. Also at Kellie Castle Cottages and at junction with Easter Kellie Farm road (Q25). Flooding on B940 at Lochty Dykes a perennial serious problem. B9131 Anstruther road – another speed check needed. Damage has been done to ditches and drainage where broadband work has been carried out. Who is responsible for reinstatement of proper drainage? NB closure of Higham – Drumrack road for repairs Jan.3-9th 2018. 6) Councillors’ Reports. i) Cllr Docherty reported on his links with East Neuk Local Tourist Association. To coincide with opening of new V&A in Dundee there will be a ‘Visit East Scotland ‘ campaign with Facebook page and meetings. Cllr. Docherty also involved with group looking at the facilities for disabled visitors to the area. Cllr. Holt informed us that in our area we may in fact be linked to Superfast Broadband without knowing. Go to Digital Scotland website to find out and then make arrangements with your internet provider for an upgrade. 7) Treasurer’s Report. New treasurer needed after Mr Snowball’s resignation. Mrs Lodge will take over temporarily. Accounts are up-to-date and have been checked by auditor. Balance – £237.22 8) Planning. Application for house in Castle Street. 9) AOB. Discussion of Community Benefit from wind turbines. This was the reason for the creation of cdt. CC disappointed that no benefit was coming to the community although benefit had been promised – see Minutes April 16th 2012. Fife Council encouraged all developers to give a Community Benefit. It was pointed out that no legal agreement had been made at the time and therefore nothing was binding. Large rates bill now on the turbines. CC agreed to write a letter to the developers asking if they would support a local charity each year. This would be recorded in CC minutes and thanks officially given by the community each time in recognition. Dates for 2018 The CC agreed to change day of meetings to Thursday to make it easier for councillors to attend. March 8th June 14th September 13th December 13th Thanks to all for attending and best wishes for the festive season!

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